No Re-inventing the Ecommerce Wheel with this Promotional Products Solution

Essent SiteBuilder Pro has added the ability to share master pages and shopping carts across websites in time for 2015.

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Invent the Wheel Only Once

With the new master page functionality, a distributor can create a master page for one company store then use it for multiple company stores.

It comes in handy when two or more company stores sell similar products, or when you find a page design that really seems to move a product. Create a page that works, then simply repeat it across sites.

It’s now easier than ever to repeat your success.

Shared Carts Gives Buyers Flexibility

Sharing carts across websites opens up options for buyers, making it easier for them to purchase from several of your sites.

The buyer might want drinkware from one company store apparel from another, for example. Now they can put items from each store (or more than two stores) into one easy checkout that generates sales for multiple stores.

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