Promotional Products Software Gets the Right Messages to the Right Buyers

Essent ecommerce software remembers who interacted with your brand and in what way, so you can give the right people the right messages. That functionality became even stronger for 2015.

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Deliver the Right Message

Essent users now can show different banner ads to different users.

If a shopper opened up your email blast advertising $5 sweatshirts, for example, you can tell your ecommerce website to automatically show them a banner ad for $5 sweatshirts the next time they visit your site.

Or maybe they weren’t really all that interested in the sweatshirts and just deleted that email blast. That’s fine, you can have the website automatically show them a different ad.

Essent SiteBuilder ecommerce software tracks buyer behavior, gives you visibility into how conversions happened, and lets you market specifically to certain behaviors.

Know Your Audience

SiteBuilder can show and hide content depending on the visitor.

For example, you may have special offers only for registered shoppers. You can tell SiteBuilder to show those offers only to shoppers who have logged in, and hide it from shoppers who have not.

Or maybe you want to personalize a greeting. You can tell SiteBuilder to say "Welcome Back" to repeat visitors, and hide the message from first-time visitors. Or flip it around: Tell first-time visitors "Pleased to meet you" and hide the message from the repeats.

The content that’s visible or invisible is up to you.

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