Industry leading document sharing saves time, reduces errors: Essent 2014

Integrating systems together, like using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to tightly partner with your customers, is more critical than ever. Essent makes it as easy as possible with EDI baked right into Essent systems and continual enhancements.

The industry-leading Essent electronic data interchange is now even stronger.

Essent allows a promotional products distributor and supplier to communicate their invoices, purchase orders, artwork and more in their preferred format, and Essent technology does the rest to convert it to the trading partners’ native format. It’s done accurately without the need for other software.

Once a trading partnership is established with Essent Integration Services, the Compass Business Management System includes the only EDI that allows for native processing of electronic documents .

This powerful, error-eliminating tool has been fine-tuned in 2014, further reducing the human error of manual entry, sparing the time and money those errors cost.

Other Compass upgrades in 2014 let users continue to enjoy the ability to import product details directly from Sage online into Compass and to import and export customer contact information.

Essent 2014 Upgrades Overview



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