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What Makes a Product Configurator Essential for Promotional Product Software
With volume, variety, and customization inseparable from the aims of the industry, it’s critical for promotional products ecommerce software to let buyers, piece by piece, see what they’re getting.
Writing the Order Right and its Immeasurable Savings for Promotional Products
Inaccurate and incomplete orders lay a huge cost on the promotional products industry. The only way to fight it is writing the order right.
Essent Enhances Only Fully Integrated Software Specifically Made for Promotional Products
When miscommunications occur in the promotional products industry, they can lead to lost time and money. That’s why Essent upgrades further allow the industry to speak the same language, automatically and in real time.
Industry leading document sharing saves time, reduces errors: Essent 2014
Promotional products distributors and suppliers can communicate their invoices, purchase orders, artwork and more -- accurately, immediately and without the need for other software.
Google teamwork makes right promotional product easier to find: Essent 2014
Essent promotional product software talks directly with Google, a critical SEO ability highlighted by new Essent Product Reviews.
Enhanced cost centers help land corporate customers: Essent 2014
Corporations need to control spend, especially for discretionary items like promotional products. So corporations are increasingly looking for vendors who can adhere to cost centers.
Product reviews give B2B ecommerce the B2C feel: Essent 2014
Essent software is the only in the promotional products industry to facilitate product reviews — the type usually found only from big ecommerce retailers like
Product Reviews, Cost Centers enhance Compass Business Management: Essent 2014
Product reviews not typically found in B2B ecommerce plus new cost center controls to help land corporate clients make the most powerful business management system in the promotional products even stronger.
Essent SiteBuilder Enhanced by Cost Centers, Product Reviews: Essent 2014
A B2C/B2B ecommerce and mobile commerce platform is a huge advantage in the promotional products industry. Essent provides features and functions that no one else does.
PPAI Supplier Star nominees boosted by Essent OrderTrax
SanMar, DIGISPEC, Fields Manufacturing, Gold Bond Inc. and Hit Promotional Products are among 23 finalists in the PPAI 2014 Supplier Star competitionfor excellence in communication, service and quality.
Promotional Products Ecommerce Demo Showcases Essent Solutions
Essent is showcasing powerful ecommerce capabilities for the promotional products industry at
T-Shirt Errors: Apparel Urged People to Commit Felonies
We previously examined what looked too much like a symbol for a violent gang and why the Red Sox are second in spelling. Now we examine how an automated process put a promising company out of business.
T-shirt Errors: Urban Outfitters' Proofing Problem Reinforced Its Image
We previously looked at why the Red Sox are first in baseball but second in spelling. Now we examine how a logo that too closely resembled a gang symbol could have provided a short boost for Urban Outfitters.
Red Sox T-shirt Gaffe Shows Pratfall in Promotional Products Standby
Considering that T-shirts imprinted with brand logos remain a strong standby for the promotional products industry, we're taking a look at a few T-shirt mistakes and their fallout, starting with a second-place speller.
Ecommerce and Mcommerce Gains Reveal Missed B2B Opportunities
B2B companies are far from making the increasingly popular ecommerce and mcommerce markets part of their business strategy. This despite the overwhelming majority of B2B buyers wishing for the B2C experience.
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