Inventory Software Helps Sell Promotional Products Even When They're Out of Stock

Essent promotional products software upgrades for 2015 make inventory more flexible, transparent and powerful than ever before.

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Pre-Orders Save Money

The new product pre-ordering feature is a great way to leverage buying power. Distributors now can sell a product before it’s in inventory, building up buying power before fulfillment. The bulk order can save money for everyone on the supply chain.

Pre-ordering is also a great way to gauge interest in a product before making a commitment. If pre-orders are strong, a distributor can move forward with confidence that it’s a popular product before committing to buying it. If pre-orders are weak, distributors can just stand pat.

Sell Items Even When You Run Out

It’s frustrating to find a product you want on an ecommerce website only to click on it and find out it’s out of inventory. Essent 2015 upgrades create a solution for that.

When a customer clicks on a product that's out of stock, Essent promotional products websites show shoppers alternatives. The customer can see a page full of products similar to the one they clicked on. So being out of inventory doesn’t mean being out of a sale.

Quantity Control Helps You Stick to Contracts

Distributors now can set a maximum order quantity. If contract rules require you to keep a certain number of a certain product on hand, for example, you can cap how much you sell to be sure you stick to the contract.

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