Product reviews give B2B ecommerce the B2C feel: Essent 2014

Essent ecommerce storefronts don’t just look like B2C ecommerce storefronts. They act like them, too.

SiteBuilder and the Essent Compass Business Management System in 2014 became the only software platforms in the promotional products industry to facilitate product reviews — the type usually found only from big ecommerce retailers. The feature lets distributors and suppliers create a list of questions that their customers can answer with ratings, dropdown lists, and freeform comments.

These reviews are credible; credibility savvy consumers understand and look for. SiteBuilder knows who purchased what, so the reviews can be verified, meaning they’re provided only by the people who actually bought the product and are most likely to provide a genuine answer.

"The quality of the review goes up with the verification,” states Bryan Sheaffer, Essent VP of Sales. "You have assurances that it’s an honest review. It’s not just someone with an axe to grind.”

"Product reviews are almost unheard of in B2B ecommerce, so this feature will really set SiteBuilder merchants apart from their competitors,” added Eric Alessi, Essent President and CEO.

Essent 2014 Upgrades Overview

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