Driving the Promotions that Help Sell Promotions

It’s easier than ever to make selling easier.

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Bulk Gift Certificates Power Incentives

Say you want to pull people onto your ecommerce website by giving away 100 gift certificates.

You have to make 100 gift certificates, right? Not exactly. Instead of creating 100 certificates individually, now you can create them all at once.

It works with Gift Certificate Wizard functionality added to Essent Compass Business Management Software in 2015. The wizard creates all of the certificates at once, as well as individual codes for each. So with the effort of creating one gift certificate you can create hundreds.

Also new for gift certificates: A visitor to your ecommerce website can buy a gift certificate for someone else. The system will then automatically send it to the recipient. So your shoppers can actually create incentives for new shoppers.

Success that’s Repeatable

When a promotion works, you can put it to work again.

Compass Marketing now provides the ability to duplicate a promotion. So if your Black Friday promotion went great last year, for example, you can just duplicate it and use it again this year.

Or maybe the promotion went great but you want to make a small change to perfect it. You don’t have to start from scratch. Duplicate the promotion and then make those few tweaks to put it over the top.

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