Subtle SEO changes make promotional products easier to find: Essent 2014

It’s not always glitz and glamour that draw a shopper to a product. Essent in 2014 made a number of subtle technical changes to SiteBuilder for stronger search engine optimization —  so that customers find their promotional products even faster.

"Essent merchants come in all shapes and sizes,” Essent Director of Development Adam Taylor said. "It’s important for an ecommerce platform to respond accordingly.”

The multi-discipline Essent engineering team is trained in merchandising, ecommerce, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social networking, multinational content delivery, and security.

"Essent continually evaluates and enhances performance to optimize all of these knowledge domains,” adds Mr. Taylor.

"Previous” and "next” buttons are now sprinkled throughout SiteBuilder pages to let shoppers browse more easily. A new setting allows products to be listed multiple times in multiple ways to maximize flexible marketing, but without drawing duplication penalties from Google. And product images are now more strongly tied to SiteBuilder sitemaps, enhancing the product’s Google ranking.

Meanwhile, a strengthened Content Distribution Network allows content to load to SiteBuilder websites faster than ever before. That means a customer using Essent self-service tools like the built-in product configurator or advance facilities like Direct2Decoration will see their modified product and its modified price almost as soon as they click.

Essent 2014 Upgrades Overview

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