Worldwide Manufacturer's Ecommerce Weekend Thrives Again on Essent Technology

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For a fourth consecutive Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, Essent provided a worldwide brand with an ecommerce platform capable of serving 1 million shoppers at once.

The popular manufacturer's promotional products online store, powered by Essent SiteBuilder™, had another strong ecommerce weekend to kickoff the 2019 holiday shopping season.

A scalable ecommerce platform that can accommodate a virtually inexhaustable number of concurrent online shoppers.

The manufacturer turned to Essent after widespread website crashes from a previous service provider left hundreds of thousands of shoppers unable to buy in 2015.

Essent SiteBuilder and the Essent Commerce Cloud provide the car maker a scalable ecommerce platform that can accommodate a virtually inexhaustable number of concurrent online shoppers.

"As technology changes and evolves, Essent continues to deliver highly scaleable, highly customizable ecommerce for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. When a big brand demands technology that scales to a worldwide level, we provide the solution,” Essent Executive Vice President Ron Cahill said.

Improving Ecommerce Scalability

"They asked if we could handle the next Black Friday-Cyber Monday campaign. They’ve been with us ever since."

In 2015, with the international manufacturer expecting big results for its Black Friday-Cyber Monday ecommerce blitz, the marketing campaign worked. But the web servers didn’t.

The previous provider could accommodate 3,000 users at a time. But the website wound up with at least 30,000 simultaneous visitors.

It was like a two-lane road when the traffic really required a freeway system. The visitors who could get to the site endured 30-second page loads, and there were an untold number of uncounted shoppers who simply couldn’t get onto the site at all.

Hundreds of thousands of shoppers who came to buy branded gear from the popular manufacturer couldn’t use the site during the most critical online sales weekend.

Realizing that it needed to provide its customers a much, much better ecommerce experience, the international company reached out to Essent. (We’re not naming the manufacturer because we don’t want to tie their name to the 2015 slip up.)

"They called and said that with their previous provider it was a disaster. No one could get onto the website. The servers were crashing. So they asked, if they were to switch to Essent technology, if we could guarantee that it would handle the Black Friday-Cyber Monday campaign the next year. Long story short, they’ve been with us ever since, setting several sales records in the process,” Essent Vice President of Sales Bryan Sheaffer said.

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