Automated, Customized Product Reviews with Search Engine Optimization

Ecommerce Marketing Product Reviews

Sellers can create custom product review surveys using the Essent ecommerce system. The seller creates the questions it wants to ask, and can ask different questions for different products.

Furthermore, the reviews leverage rich snippets and metadata so that search engines like Google can automatically find the reviews and display them on search returns -- buyers can see your top-rated products before they even visit your website.

Automated, customizable product reviews build buyer trust in stores, brands and products.

Once the surveys are set up and assigned to products and groups of products, they’re automatically emailed to customers who buy them. Credibility is built in because only people who actually bought the product have the opportunity to provide a review.

The survey responses are automatically recorded and the system calculates overall ratings. Those ratings in turn can be displayed and sorted on the website: Customers can search for products that have the best reviews.

The result is an automated, customizable system for product reviews that build buyer trust in stores, brands and products.

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