Sun Setting on Windows XP, Making it a Liability



Anyone who uses Windows XP to manage their business should be well on their way to transitioning to a new operating system or should start right now.

Microsoft will end its support of XP on April 8, which means Windows will not release any updates or security patches, even for critical bugs and hacks. In short, Microsoft is pulling the plug on its Aug. 24, 2001-born operating system.

Come April 8, rolling with XP is rolling the dice.

The implications

Healthcare providers sticking with XP will essentially become non-compliant with the medical privacy laws commonly known as HIPAA.

It’s also possible, even likely, that criminals have been holding back XP hacks until just after Microsoft stops guarding against them.

Some users consider the end of XP a thinly veiled sales pitch for Windows 8 because the clearest solution to the end-of-XP problem is to buy the new Microsoft operating system, but the thinking is a little shortsighted. XP is 13 years old. In technology years, that’s ancient.

Technology, including the technology to combat hacking, has changed considerably since XP was introduced. It’s reasonable for a software publisher to periodically overhaul its software platform and downright prudent for an operating system. It’s simply how the process works.

Microsoft on its blog is asking tech-savvy people to urge and/or help their potentially stubborn friends switch to a new operating system specifically designed with modern security measures.

Some ask why Microsoft didn’t update XP to be more security conscious. They did. Years ago. The most recent revision is called Windows 8!

What it means for Essent customers

The bottom line is that Microsoft won’t continue to support software it made 13 years ago, even if the estimates that a quarter to a third of Windows users are still on XP are true. Everyone is urged to upgrade from Windows XP. Personal users not connected to the Internet may be fine, although there is no guarantee. Everyone is expected to experience glitches.

Anyone that relies on their computer, especially businesses, are taking a major risk if they continue to run an outdated operating system because glitches cannot be corrected and software that runs on the operating system will cease to operate correctly. For a business running business management software, this situation can quickly become catastrophes.

It is Essent policy to enhance products for the latest releases in order to provide the best possible experience. Essent will continue to honor support plans with its customers. But we may not be able to adequately resolve issues that arise from the termination of Microsoft’s service.

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