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2018 PPAI Expo: Promotional Products Software at Booth 4851
For solutions that are employee-facing, buyer-facing, vendor-facing, or all three, visit Essent at PPAI Expo Booth 4851.
2018 PPAI Expo Illustrates An Industry Quickly Embracing Integration
The PPAI Expo illustrated the growing support for trading partner integration as the time- and money-saving technology spreads further across the industry. PromoStandards events were more abundant and better attended at the 2018 PPAI Expo than in any year prior.
Essent Completes 1-Day Integration for Supplier Quake City Caps
Essent and Quake City kicked off the Inventory Availability integration project on a Thursday, and on that Friday the integration was already live with Quake City sharing inventory information with its distributor partner.
2018 PPAI Expo: PromoStandards Events Tell the Story of Integration
PromoStandards will host a series of events at the 2018 PPAI Expo including testimonials about how trading partner integration is making a more efficient supply chain right now.
Gold Bond Adds Service to Provide Instant Order Status and Ship Status via OrderTrax Integration
Essent® implemented the integration for Gold Bond via the Essent OrderTrax® Network using PromoStandards. Distributors integrated with Gold Bond now can look up complete, accurate, real-time Gold Bond Order Status and Advance Ship Notices at any time.
EmbroidMe Encourages Its 145 Suppliers to Integrate via the Essent OrderTrax Network
EmbroidMe® is embarking on a company-wide supply chain initiative to integrate with suppliers via the Essent® OrderTrax® Network to reduce labor, eliminate errors, and increase efficiencies for both EmbroidMe and its suppliers.
It's Not a Pizza Drone, But It Can Save You Some Dough
Essent software gets the product to the end user with the maximum efficiency that can save you a lot of dough.
2016 PPAI Expo: Essent working with PromoStandards to enhance Supplier and Distributor Relationships
While 11,000 Distributor representatives visited 3,300 Supplier booths at the 2016 PPAI Expo, some of the most important relationships between trading partners were being cultivated away from the hustle and bustle of the show floor.
At 2015 PPAI Technology Summit, Essent Leader Touts The Power of Integration
In a panel discussion before a record gathering at the 2015 PPAI Technology Summit, Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi detailed the evolution of a system capable of facilitating orders so accurate that they can be processed by computers.
Essent CEO Addresses Record Crowd at 2015 PPAI Technology Summit
Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi joined two Top 10 Distributors and a Top 10 Supplier to inform a record crowd at the 2015 PPAI Technology Summit about the power of integration.
Essent and ASI Partner to Deliver ESP Product Research Database to Essent Users
Users will be able to access ASI's ESP from right within Essent tools. The partnership brings together world-class technology solutions from two industry leaders.
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