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PPAI Product Safety Aware -- What You’re Saying
PPAI's Product Safety Aware initiative has been well received, and it's generating discussion among promotional products professionals.
Essent is in Some Sweet Branding Territory
Fortune magazine ranked the top world's top Brandmobiles and two Pennsylvania candymakers made the cut.
Despite What Your Parents Told You, Techy Entertainment Won't Rot Your Brain
Games like Minecraft have shattered the reputation of tech-minded games as idle entertainment. They're quite the opposite now: education tools that can reach tough-to-reach kids.
Essent sponsors Promo Kitchen REVIVIFY mixer at 2014 PPAI Expo
The mixer is an opportunity for promotional products peers to socialize -- and enjoy a specialty drink made by Essent. More importantly, the mixer provides the opportunity for professional development.
Changing the Advertising Tax Deduction is Doubly Damaging for Promotional Products
All companies would face increased costs to advertise their brand. But promotional products companies would face an additional burden.
Essent Receives Keepsake for Aiding Eco-Friendly Pool Project
Essent donated to the project because it was impressed with the effort to use technology for the common good.
Robot Turtles programming-for-kids game gets Essent Kickstart
A dad’s innovative idea to teach kids computer programming fundamentals has received a boost from promotional products software maker Essent.
Essent Donation Dips into Innovative Community Pool Project
Essent has made a KickStarter donation to PlayLab to create a + POOL, what's envisioned as the world's first water-filtering floating pool. The creation of the pool would mark the first time in 100 years that people could swim in clean New York river water.
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